Friday, September 16, 2011

The Gods are back in town

The weather got cool and so did the Gutter Gods by going to roll some balls on some hard slick wood!  That's right, your favorite bowling gang was back at it at the Emmaus Bowling Center.  The Gods took the summer off to explore other ventures, all of which failed miserably!  So the stars aligned, Pluto exploded, and from the deep depths of hell's bowels came the Gods to do some pin punishment!
Gutter God faithful and new bowling leaguer, Carnage, was as excited as ever to murder some pins.
In true 9% style, Alley showed up 9 months pregnant!  Dedication!
 The Gods preparing themselves for a wonderful night of bowling

 Carnage with the style as always
 The Disimpactor stomping up the lane like a 80 year old man
Nine months in the making
High fives if you hate Choco!

 A little brotherly pep talk
 Brotherly love! <3
 Choco got the low score pin with a 76.... yup, he still sucks!
The Disimpactor takes home the high score pin with a post hibernation 164.

A gift for the future of the Gutter Gods
Gitty for some more bowling fun!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Carnage Got a 300!

APRIL FOOLS!  Another Friday night bowl, but this time the whole team was present.  It was good having the original 6 members together once again.  Red Pin and Alley really took advantage of their time off the lanes and showed up with opening day strikes each.  Alley continued her hot streak with a 104 game!  Red Pin also had an sick game as well, a respectable 174.  The Gods were extremely happy with the lane conditions this week, big thanks to Kevin and Ryan for oiling up our wood!  We were joined by fellow bowling loving friends Jamie, Jake, and Ally.  A thank you goes out to Jamie for taking photos of the best looking bowling team Emmaus has to offer!
Chocolate Factory using his shake-weight and brother Carnage lurking on

Red Pin showin' where da hood at

Jake Shell won a free pizza... he's definitely going to use that

Red Pin got challenged to a game against the house, EBC's own Kevin

Choco took the pin home this week with a solid performance, bowling a 199... just one pin shy of 200... awwwww shucks!

Stay tuned for more Gutter Gods updates...

The Gods have spoken

Monday, March 7, 2011


the thing to notice here is is that meanshel bowled over 100 for the first time in here life. 108!!!!!!!!!!!!
the infamous words from a true star on the lane, " if i actually try, i can get a good score." that's right, if she tries.
we love it. her throw is the infamous, set it and forget. that is why she is leading in votes!

the disimpactor was on fire as well. he took the best score pin home for this week. he beat his high score of 211 and put up a very honorable 230.

we are in current talks of the merchandise that should be done. it may or may not happen in the next couple weeks. we are looking for co-sponsors for these amazing ideas. hit us up if you are anywhere serious. cause we are!

.the gods have spoken.

dan pensyl is the duder... he is a gutter god...

dan beat us all to the tattoo for the gutter gods weeks ago while he was out in cali for a tradeshow.
he is red pin.his ball is called LUCILLE. dan  has been filming a shit ton for the new 5boro video which is coming out this year. i am really excited to see this kids part. i have known him forever and i know it won't disappoint!

for more on dan, check the 5boro site out...
5BORO . beast of the east.

.the gods have spoken.

Monday, February 28, 2011

before we bowl, please fill out this paperwork...

 * disimpactor decided it was time for us to do paperwork for our bios on the blog.
 *alley was being super. she came up with one of our new t-shirt slogans...
    ROLL IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT... t-shirt coming soon.seriously!

 *meanshel aka coach, basically killed it in her answers as well... wait and see.
 *choco factory got a sneak peak before the sheets were leaving the house.
  he also has a great saying for a t-shirt... OPEN FRAMES DON'T GET YOU LAID!
* we had the powers of the underworld messing with our total scores.
    tune in to more nonsense this week.

.the gods have spoken.